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TeXnicCenter is an editor for creating Latex documents
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TeXnicCenter is an editor for creating Latex documents.
Latex is a piece of software used for creating documents. We all are familiar with the interface of Microsoft Word. It is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. That means the program output (to a printer for example) will look exactly the same as you see on the screen. Any child can use MS Word. But if you are a publisher of a book or a scientist writing a paper, you will spend more time on trying to align the words, pictures, and equations. Equation editor in MS Word isn’t that good with big equations.

Latex software has been built as a solution to these problems. It has two parts: a LateX distribution like MikTeX which contains the Latex program and an editor. TeXnicCenter is one of the best editors for Latex. It has all the tools required for creating any type of Latex document.

Latex is more like a programming language. Those who are familiar with HTML would find it easy to use. The first step is to code your document using the editor. The code can then be compiled to generate the output file as PDF. Since it is difficult to edit a PDF file, you don’t need to worry that the output file will be accidentally changed.

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  • Must learn Latex programming
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